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Wikileaks Provide Insight into @HillaryClinton and #Education

October 28, 2016

These leaks reinforce my impression of Ms. Clinton: she wants to come down on both sides of every issue possible. In her openness to “reformers” she can’t have it both ways: either the Federal Government is going to regulate all schools receiving public funds or it’s going to regulate none of them… and it cannot do the latter without excluding the children who need quality schooling the most. And the “bi-partisan” ESSA law is an example of how shifting more of the responsibility to the states will ultimately play into the “reformers” hand by enabling them to expand into states where low taxes are more important than quality and teaching to tests is better than teaching to think. So Wikileaks happened thanks to the Russians and whoever else. There is lots of talk in the current presidential election about a variety of topics emanating from the purportedly leaked emails on W…

Source: Wikileaks Provide Insight into @HillaryClinton and #Education

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