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Charter School Beat Down

November 3, 2016

I realize I’ve written or re-posted several articles over the past several days about charter schools… but with some pivotal Gubernatorial elections and referenda in play this year I’m posting yet another one. This post from Jeff Bryant, “Five Truths About Charter Schools”, offers links to articles that support his “truths” and debunk the myths that charter schools outperform public schools and that the expansion of charter schools is a civil rights issue.

Anyone reading this in a state where there is a Gubernatorial election should look carefully at the stand the candidates are taking on public school funding and the expansion of charter schools. I would be astonished if any Republican candidate was NOT in favor of more charter schools and was NOT supportive of deregulation for public education. And if some Democrats are equally supportive of deregulation and for-profit charters (e.g. Cuomo in his most recent re-election), it becomes imperative to elect State legislators who will push back on that direction. Indeed, as noted in earlier posts, with the advent of ESSA state elections, often overlooked, take on a new importance. And as I observe gubernatorial elections in two States (NH, where I live and VT where I am engaged in consulting work) I am dismayed to find that public education is NOT a front burner issue, despite the fact that a substantial portion of each State’s budget goes for public schools and despite the fact that there IS a marked difference in each party’s approach to public education. MAYBE in the coming days these stark differences will come to light, but for now the State coverage seems to mirror national coverage: it favors polls instead of policy.

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