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David Brooks Tantalizingly Close to Hitting the Nail on the Head… but then Misses!

David Brooks‘ column in today’s NYTimes calling for a third party does an excellent job of capturing all that is wrong with today’s two party system, especially the Republican party which has ceded it’s leadership and voice to Donald Trump. But in the concluding section of his essay he completely misses the mark with this:

The Republican Party will probably remain the white working-class party, favoring closed trade, closed borders and American withdrawal abroad. The Democratic Party, meanwhile, is increasingly dominated by its left/Sanders wing, which offers its own populism of the left.

Which led me stop in my tracks and pose this question in the comment section:

Which Democrat party is that? The one that is now led by someone whose aides wanted to crush Sanders? The one that harvested super delegates from the lobbying corps? The one that encouraged the privatization of public schools through its stimulus package The one who is trying to fix a health insurance plan that allows private corporations to make millions in profits as middlemen in a broken “system”? The Democrat party has become a Nixon-lite party: their solution to every problem is based on allowing the market to work its magic. If a third party needs to emerge its a party to the left… a democrat socialist party that will move us more toward a Scandinavian model and away from the market model of Milton Friedman.


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