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Parents Seeking Integration in NYC Told to Wait Another Year… After 6+ Decades of Waiting Another Year

In 1954 the US Supreme Court handed down one of it’s most important decisions in history. Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education overturned the Plessy vs. Ferguson case that ruled that “separate but equal” facilities were constitutionally acceptable for minority groups and paved the way for schools across the nation to be desegregated. Over sixty years later, parents in the Lower East Side of NYC are still waiting for the day when their children can attend integrated schools and, according to a story by Kate Taylor in today’s NYTimes a group of parents who thought they had worked out an integration plan with the city were told they will have to wait another year.

It took 58 years for the Supreme Court to determine that “separate-but-equal” facilities were unacceptable. It’s been 62 years since the Supreme Court made that determination… and it with the election of Mr. Trump it seems unlikely that desegregation will occur in the lifetime of the children who brought the lawsuit in Topeka. It is not difficult to draw a line between the efforts to desegregate schools and accept minorities into our country and the rise of Mr. Trump. Clearly the Republican stronghold on the South is the result of a Democrat President’s decision to pass civil rights legislation and the Republican party has not been reluctant to use race in its efforts to elect national figures (e.g. the notorious Willie Horton ad in 1988). Race and class are intertwined… and until those who are trapped in low income jobs realize that their destiny and those of immigrants and minorities are tied together I fear that race and nationalism will be used as a wedge to keep our American States Un-united…. and it isn’t hard to see who benefits from this disunity.

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