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What Role Will Schools, Government Agencies, and Employers Play in Outing Immigrants?

November 21, 2016

Miguel Molina’s NYTimes essay, “A Dreamer’s Deportation Nightmare” describes the feelings of one “illegal” immigrant in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. In the essay, Mr. Molina describes the sequence of events that led his father to seek asylum in our country and the impact President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order. Now, after living in our country since he was a child, working 40 hours a week and paying taxes, and earning an Associates degree as a part-time student, it appears that with the stroke of a pen he and 11.000.000 of his fellow immigrants will be deported. One section of Mr. Molina’s essay was particularly troubling. It is included in the comment I submitted in response to the article:

Based on Mr. Trump’s list of cabinet appointments Mr. Molina’s concerns are valid. And where might a Trump administration turn to get the information it needs to move quickly to deport illegals? It seems to me that anyone who keeps records on residents (i.e. school districts, town and city governments, state departments of motor vehicles, HR departments, etc) should be concerned that they might find themselves in the middle of deportation proceedings. As Mr. Molina notes in his essay, Alabama’s laws “…allowed teachers to question students they suspected of being undocumented, and made it a crime to employ, house or even give rides to undocumented people.” Lots of agencies have collected lots of data on citizens… I hope that it stays where it resides now and is not funneled to whichever government agency Mr. Trump empowers to kepis promise to deport illegals.

Will Mr. Trump’s quest to deport millions of men, women, and children require government agencies— including schools— to share their data with, say, Homeland Security? Will it require employers to do so? The glib lines that got cheers at political rallies will be difficult to implement without accessing existing data banks… but gaining access to those data banks will require government agencies and employers to turn over information that students, parents, employers, and employees believed to be confidential. This is not a pretty picture.

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