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My Letter to Senators Shaheen and Hassan, Representative Kuster, and the Valley News

I need to do something to change the course of history or public education in America… and I fear that this is not an overstatement. Here’e the letter I’ve composed and sent to my legislators and local newspaper:

Mr. Trump’s choice of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education signals his intent to change the governance and funding of public education. Ms. DeVos’ vision is to close down “government schools” and provide parents with vouchers to enroll children in schools of their choice, including sectarian private schools and deregulated for-profit charter schools. Parents could use these vouchers, underwritten by tax dollars that would otherwise go toward public schools, to enroll their children in schools that are not overseen by elected school boards and are not subject to regulations developed by State Boards or State legislatures. This “market-based” model would result in greater inequities in opportunities and erode the democratic governance of schools.

Ms. DeVos has no background in public education. She is essentially a billionaire lobbyist who has spent huge sums of money on schemes designed to divert funds from public schools. If she is appointed as Secretary of Education, Ms. DeVos would be able to write and implement federal regulations that would open the floodgates for the expansion of de-regulated for-profit charter chains across the country, thereby diminishing the control of State and local school boards.

Please urge our legislators to forcefully oppose her appointment.

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