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DeVos Family Values: Money, Power, and Rightwing Politics

November 26, 2016

I would make one correction to Diane Ravitch’s concluding paragraph: “In selecting Betsy DeVos for the role of Education Secretary, Trump has chosen an anti-public education billionaire lobbyist.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Two years ago, Mother Jones published a lengthy and excellent article about the DeVos family, how they became billionaires, and how they turned Michigan into a “right to work” state.

They are “the new Kochs,” determined to crush the left, especially labor unions and public education.

“THE DEVOSES sit alongside the Kochs, the Bradleys, and the Coorses as founding families of the modern conservative movement. Since 1970, DeVos family members have invested at least $200 million in a host of right-wing causes—think tanks, media outlets, political committees, evangelical outfits, and a string of advocacy groups. They have helped fund nearly every prominent Republican running for national office and underwritten a laundry list of conservative campaigns on issues ranging from charter schools and vouchers to anti-gay-marriage and anti-tax ballot measures. “There’s not a Republican president or presidential candidate in the last 50 years who hasn’t known the DeVoses,” says Saul Anuzis…

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