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What the Robots Are Doing to the Middle Class

December 6, 2016

As usual, Buchheit is on target… flagging a reality that public schools need to face sooner rather than later: the workplace of the future requires more human interaction… and yet we are relying on computerized standardized testing to measure student performance, teacher performance, and the effectiveness of our schooling. And his concluding paragraph is on target for what our economy needs: a guaranteed living wage for ALL workers. 

The simplistic response to the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on employment is that we’ve experienced this before, during the Industrial Revolution and beyond, and that the “market” will eventually provide plenty of jobs. The reality is that tens of millions of Americans will have to accept food service and retail and personal care jobs that don’t pay a living wage.The Deniers: The Middle Class Has Nothing to Worry About

Source: What the Robots Are Doing to the Middle Class

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