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Principles To Guide The Vetting Of Betsy DeVos

December 10, 2016

While I hope and wish some in Congress will ask these kinds of thoughtful questions and the media will pick up on the collateral damage to public schools when charters and vouchers expand, I fear that with everything else going and the number of other wholly unqualified Cabinet appointees that deliberations on Ms. DeVos’ appointment will fall by the wayside… especially given the “reform” movement’s hold on both parties. Here’s hoping Mr. Bryant’s article and Mr. Baker’s study get some air time in Congress. 

President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Betsy DeVos for US Secretary of Education in his administration set off a firestorm of commentary on what her impact might be on furthering “school choice” ventures like charter schools and vouchers that send taxpayer money to private enterprises.

Source: Principles To Guide The Vetting Of Betsy DeVos

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