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DeVos Confirmation Hearings: This is What Plutocracy Looks Like

December 20, 2016

Politico posted an article today with this headline:

DeVos heads into confirmation with a megadonor’s advantage

Billionaire Betsy DeVos gives big to politicians — including some senators who will vote on her confirmation.

The article includes this tidbit:

After giving millions of dollars to politicians over the past two decades, she now heads into her Senate confirmation hearing for education secretary with a clear advantage: DeVos and her husband, Dick, have donated to the campaigns of 17 senators who will consider her nomination — four of whom sit on the Senate education committee that oversees the process.

Conflict of interest? Heavens to Betsy NO! She just donates because she believes in their positions on issues! Oh, wait, there’s this quote too:

Writing in a 1997 Roll Call op-ed, DeVos defended her family’s political contributions and said she expects politicians to champion her causes after receiving financial support. She wrote that she hoped Republican candidates would use her family’s contributions to advance a “conservative governing philosophy consisting of limited government and respect for traditional American virtues.”…

And finally, as if further evidence was needed to demonstrate that Betsy DeVOs’ primary qualification for Secretary of Education is her donations, we have this:

 In Michigan, where the DeVoses have contributed at least $7 million to the state party and lawmakers, the powerful couple have influenced nearly every major piece of education-related legislation since the 1990s.

When mega donors get key political assignments for which they have no qualifications, we are living in a plutocracy… Welcome…


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