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New York Times Editorial Warning on Betsy DeVos

January 11, 2017

Diane Ravitch’s closing quote hits the nail on the head: “Slicing up the education budget into multiple sectors impoverishes them all and enriches only the corporations that operate charters.” And her analysis of the NYTimes editorials is spot on.

Diane Ravitch's blog

For the past twenty years, the New York Times has fawned over charter schools. Not in its reporting but in its editorials.

In its editorial about the Senate’s rush to confirm Betsy DeVos, the Times acknowledges that charters are not a cure for education problems.

“Beyond erasing concerns about her many possible financial conflicts, Ms. DeVos also faces a big challenge in explaining the damage she’s done to public education in her home state, Michigan. She has poured money into charter schools advocacy, winning legislative changes that have reduced oversight and accountability. About 80 percent of the charter schools in Michigan are operated by for-profit companies, far higher than anywhere else. She has also argued for shutting down Detroit public schools, with the system turned over to charters or taxpayer money given out as vouchers for private schools. In that city, charter schools often perform no better than traditional schools…

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