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Shaun King Flags Troubling AZ Law

January 14, 2017

Shaun King, a progressive op ed writer for the New York Daily News, wrote a short but provocative analysis of a law introduced by AZ State legislator Rep. Bob Thorpe. Thorpe’s proposed bill would ban “…virtually every college event, activity or course which discusses social justice, skin privilege, or racial equality.” And if the law is violated?  the state of Arizona would be empowered “…to levy multimillion-dollar fines and penalties against universities — removing at least 10% of their state aid.” Shaun King goes on to elaborate on the provisions of the bill, closing with these paragraphs:

t appears that Bob Thorpe actually has a bigger problem with students and staff discussing white privilege than he does with the unfair privilege itself. That should disturb all of us. For all of their talk about local rights, it’s deeply telling to see conservative lawmakers go so far as to say what individual dormitory directors and instructors can and cannot discuss with their students. Conservatives like Thorpe are fully willing to be control freaks when it protects white supremacy and cultural hegemony — then say they stand on the principles of local control when it benefits them.

I have a hunch this bill is not an anomaly, but a troubling sign of things to come.

I hope Shaun King is wrong… but all signs point to the contrary. I still hold out hope that as voters see where legislators like Rep. Thorpe are leading our country they will concur that this is NOT the country they want to live in and will change their thinking about where we are headed and correct the course.

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