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Satire Comes True: Governor Sununu Picks DeVos Double to Head NH Education Department

January 19, 2017

In early December I wrote and posted a satirical open letter to the Governors of VT and NH that began with this suggestion:

First, you need to replace your current chief education officers with business leaders or philanthropists. Anyone with a background in public education will be incapable of implementing the kind of market-based program needed to truly reform “government schools”. An educator will be reluctant to use technology to disrupt the traditional classroom instruction that requires human interaction and will be inclined to work with and listen to the unionized teachers. An entrepreneur or philanthropist will see the value of running schools like a business. If you really want to be bold, you might replace the entire State Board and state department with an education management company. They have worked effectively in Michigan and in several urban areas and there is no reason to think they couldn’t do an equally effective job managing a state department.

I doubt that either governor reads this blog, but, based on this excerpt from an article in today’s Concord Monitor it appears that Governor Sununu has taken my advice:

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu has tapped a Common Core critic who home-schooled his seven children to lead the state’s education department.

Sununu officially nominated one-term state Rep. Frank Edelblut on Wednesday, a move that drew quick criticism from the left and praise from Republicans.

Edelblut is a businessman from Wilton who unsuccessfully challenged Sununu for the GOP gubernatorial nomination last year. Edelblut has never served on his local school board, but said his corporate background will help modernize the state’s public education system.

“Who better to bridge that gap between the workforce and education system than someone who knows the workforce really well?” said Edelblut, who sold his consulting business in 2009 for an undisclosed sum.

I’m beginning to this I CAN make this stuff up…. I only hope Mr. Edelblut doesn’t take the rest of the advice I offered in the open letter!

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