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Another Sad But Unsurprising Consequence: Obama’s ESSA Regulations On Ice

January 23, 2017

As predicted (with no great claim to prescience): President Trump’s Chief of Staff has issued a memo freezing the implementation of all recently issued regulations, which include those issued relative to ESSA. These memos are standard operating procedure… but in this case, where the President’s spokesperson is acknowledging the use of “alternative facts” and a billionaire pro-voucher lobbyist is being contemplated for Secretary of Education, the annulment of ESSA regulations is troublesome.

Here’s Politico’s take on the impact of Preibus’ memo:

– At the Education Department, the directive will delay the Obama administration’s accountability rule under the Every Student Succeeds Act,which was finalized last November but not slated to take effect until Jan. 30. The Trump administration’s memo calls for postponing the effective date of such regulations until March 21. But it’s not clear what happens after that date.

– It’s also not clear how the regulatory delay would apply to the Obama administration’s “borrower defense-to-repayment” regulations. Those rules, which create a new debt-relief system for student loan borrowers defrauded by their college, were finalized last November but are not set to take effect until July 1 (after the 60-day postponement period, which is timed from the date of Priebus’ memo.) Parts of the Obama administration’s teacher preparation regulations are similarly finalized but also have an effective date of this July.

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