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A Look Back at the Obama Legacy: It’s Not a Pretty Picture

January 25, 2017

The Daily Caller, a website devoted to libertarian conservative thinking, posted an article by Stewart Lawrence that reported that President Obama’s education programs were a costly and dismal failure. The article had some faulty and glib analysis (for example this: “Liberals liked Duncan’s emphasis on early childhood education and equal opportunity for minority students but felt that he was sometimes too willing to blame teachers for failing schools.), but it also had links to articles from the mainstream media and quoted findings from the Department of Education’s study that irrefutably demonstrate that the test-and-punish method championed by NCLB and placed on steroids by RTTT failed miserably.

But the article ultimately drew the wrong conclusion from the failures of the bi-artisan Bush-Obama approach to addressing the so-called “failing” public schools:

Big Government coddling of public schools in the guise of “tough love” clearly doesn’t work.  In the hands of new leadership, the report bolsters the argument that expanded aid to the private sector may be the best way to force these schools to measure up while giving inner city kids with real promise a chance to fulfill their dreams.

And Betsy DeVos, with no prior experience in a deeply troubled and dysfunctional public school system, may be just the kind of fresh-thinking leader America needs to persuasively articulate that vision.

As I’ve posted frequently, the Bush-Paige-Spellings-Obama-Duncan-King approach, which insisted on using test scores to measure “success” and denied the impact of poverty and re-segregation on test scores brought us to the point where privatization and vouchers look like a viable solution… and Betsy DeVos can be hailed as “…just the kind of fresh-thinking leader America needs to persuasively articulate that vision.” 




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