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Update on Trump Political Appointee: She’s Un-Appointed!

This just in as of this morning’s Politico post:

A controversial field organizer for Donald Trump’s campaign appears to have abruptly left her new Education Department job – three days after her hire was announced. Teresa UnRue of Myrtle Beach, S.C., was named in an investigation by The Associated Press last year for sharing racially charged content on social media. POLITICO reported earlier this week that she was on a list of 17 new individuals joining the Trump administration’s Education Department. But updated transition information obtained by POLITICO Thursday shows that UnRue’s name has abruptly vanished from that list of new hires.

– It’s unclear what position UnRue, who once said that she would “take a bullet” for Trump, had at the agency. When reached by phone Thursday, UnRue directed questions to the Education Department’s press office. An Education Department spokesman said “the department doesn’t comment on personnel matters.” Caitlin Emma has the story.

– UnRue shared a video on Facebookin July of “a black man eating fried chicken while shaming fellow black people,” the AP reported last year. The man in the video asks, “Why are you mad about slavery? Y’all weren’t no damn slaves.” UnRue wrote of the video, “Had me crack’n up!! Thank you! Please share this with people.” In other posts, UnRue shared a statement that said, “We need Islam control, not gun control.” She also linked to a website that alleged the U.S. government assassinated Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died last year.

Maybe we can shame others who are unqualified into resignations….

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