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National Debate on Public School Leadership Playing Out in NH… With One Difference: It MIGHT Be Possible to Avoid a Calamity

February 6, 2017

Today’s Valley News features a story by AP reporter Kathleen Ronayne titled “School Choice Advocates See Ally in Chris Sununu. As noted in earlier posts, Governor Sununu, like Republican President Trump, has selected an inexperienced individual who favors guns in schools, gay conversion therapy, creationism, and de facto vouchers to head the public schools in our State. Like Ms. DeVos, who sent her children to private schools, Mr. Edelblut’s children  did not attend public schools as he and his wife homeschooled their seven children. Like Ms. DeVos, Mr. Edelblut is a millionaire… but unlike Ms. DeVos he earned it himself, making a plausible argument that he knows how to lead a large organization like the State Board. But, as one of my earlier posts indicates, he has no understanding of what the State Department has already accomplished in his “signature” reform area of “personalization”.

But here’s what may turn out to be the biggest difference between DeVos and Edelblut: his appointment might be blocked! Here’s the text of an email I received from State Senator Martha Hennessy, who represents my town:

Call Councilor JOSEPH KENNEY this week to OPPOSE EDELBLUT and identify yourself as a parent if you are one! 

Executive Councilor Joseph Kenney may still be willing to oppose Edelblut’s nomination for Education Commissioner but says he has not heard from enough parents. Please forward this information to every parent you know. Ask them to call Kenney THIS WEEK and urge him to oppose Edelblut’s nomination and to identify themselves as parents. If you have already called but didn’t say you are a parent, call again. His contact info is here: 


Not only does Edelblut have no professional experience in education but as a state representative he supported legislation that would ALLOW GUNS IN SCHOOLS, and he refused to support a bill that would ban CONVERSION THERAPY FOR GAY YOUTH. Moreover, he is a CREATIONIST who wants “all theories of human origins” taught in schools. At his hearing he avoided answering important questions about his views on these issues and would not commit to staying out of partisan politics as commissioner. A good synopsis is here: 


By nominating Edelblut, Sununu did not uphold STATE LAW that REQUIRES that the commissioner must be qualified by reason of education and experience. This is not about political party. This is about keeping our children safe and protecting their future. Please call. Please forward. The confirmation hearing has been postponed until next week.

Here’s hoping parents across the State respond to this call and sway one vote away from the “party line” and toward a better future for public schools. The last thing NH schools need is more guns, less tolerance toward LGBT students, and a curriculum that includes Creation science.

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