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ALERT! GOP Congress Launches First Effort to Undermine Public SCHOOLS!

February 22, 2017

I agree with comments by “Retired Teacher” who characterized this as “extortionist”… Few Democratic legislators opposed RTTT’s de facto mandate that districts use Value Added metrics… and their silence on that “extortion” paved the way for the GOP to link another bogus concept— vouchers— to federal dollars…. and I doubt that the 35 GOP governors will complain about this.

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Republicans in The House of Representatives have proposed legislation that would require states to adopt vouchers or lose their federal funding. This is an outrage! This is step one of the Trump-DeVos agenda to force vouchers and charters on states that do not want them. This is a blatant misuse of federal power to coerce states to go along with religious zealots like DeVos.

The legislation, HR 610, has been filed. Let your Representative in Congress know that you oppose this egregious federal overreach. Support The Network for Public Education as we rally supporters of public schools to repel this obnoxious legislation.

The language of the legislation and the steps you can take to oppose it are included here.

If you do not want your tax dollars to fund evangelical religious schools, madrassas, or yeshivas, get active.

If you believe in public schools with certified teachers who teach modern scienceā€¦

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