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Carroll County MD Removes Classroom Posters Celebrating Diversity Because they are “Political”

February 23, 2017

Huffington Post’s Dana Liebelson posted an article Tuesday describing the controversial decision of the Carroll County (MD) School board to “take down pro-diversity posters from classrooms because they perceived them as “political” and “anti-Trump,”  Here’s the rest of the background:

Teachers at Westminster High School had put up the posters, which depicted Latina, Muslim and black women and were designed by Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the “Hope” posters featuring President Barack Obama in 2008. The women are rendered in patriotic colors, with messages like “We the people are greater than fear.” The teachers put up the posters as a “show of diversity,” said Carey Gaddis, a spokeswoman for Carroll County Public Schools.

At least one staff member complained about the posters, and the teachers were “asked to take them down because they were being perceived as anti-Trump by the administration,” Gaddis said.

Here’s an example of the “political posters” that the teachers displayed in their rooms:


I find it ironic that a Trump supporter, who presumably is opposed to the hyper-sensitivity of the “politically correct” liberals, is applying the same logic to remove a piece of art that they find objectionable, especially a piece of art work that is promoting open-mindedness and inclusiveness. But the most astonishing reaction to this poster came from the Carroll County spokesperson:

After taking the posters down, the teachers were initially allowed to put them up again. But the administration did some further investigation online and determined that the posters could be seen as political. The school does not allow teachers to put up political posters in their classrooms “unless it’s part of a curriculum and they represent both sides,” Gaddis said.

And what would the “other side” look like? I have an idea. Since some people see this as a rebuttal to Mr. Trump’s Presidency, teachers could put up two posters: one of Donald Trump and one by Shepard Fairey. Presumably, Mr. Trump’s poster would be placed to the right.


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