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This Just In: Research Shows Vouchers are a Terrible Idea!

February 24, 2017

A maddening article by Kevin Carey in the Upshot section of the NYTimes breathlessly wrote:

“But even as school choice is poised to go national, a wave of NEW research has emerged suggesting that private school vouchers may harm students who receive them. The results are startling — the worst in the history of the field, researchers say.”

Which prompted me to write the following comment:

Wait just a minute! The “NEW” research you cite was readily available BEFORE the election… which leads to the question of why it wan’t used by the Democratic party. The answer: BOTH parties have embraced the notion that the free market can solve the problem of “failing schools”, in part because both parties have received generous donations from those who stand to profit if such schools are put in place. Thus they overlook the research that shows “the best charters tend to be nonprofit public schools, open to all and accountable to public authorities. The less “private” that school choice programs are, the better they seem to work.”

From my perspective both the NYTimes editors and staffers like Kevin Carey are complicit in the forthcoming voucher debacle. Why? Because this “new research” was in plain sight in 2015 and 2016 when it was released and they effectively squelched reports on it because it was contrary to their narrative that deregulated charter schools were the solution to the “failing” public schools. By ignoring research on public education because it contradicts their narrative, the NYTimes is behaving the same was as the petroleum industry who ignore proof that their products are not damaging our environment.

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