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The Demise of Obama’s Regulations is Mostly a Good Thing… But the Demise of the Neoliberal Tilt to the Democratic Party Would be Even Better

March 11, 2017

Diane Ravitch wrote a post yesterday celebrating the bill Republicans passed that repealed virtually all of the regulations John King wrote for ESSA on behalf of the Obama administration. While I share Ms. Ravitch’s support for the repeal of these regulations, as noted in earlier posts their elimination will likely open the door for states to restore some deplorable practices in educating low-income, minority, and handicapped children. But, as I noted in three separate comments, it sidesteps the “donkey-in-the-room”— which is the need for the Democratic Party to change or for public educators to find another party to support. Here’s my initial comment:

The Democratic Party continues to be GOP-lite… The Democrats support a lite-form of deregulated capitalism, a lite-form of globalization, and a lite-form of privatization. The NEA and AFT, like all other unions, have nowhere to go because the GOP is all-in on each of these issues, and their heavy support for each led to the race-to-the-bottom in wages and the end of any kind of social covenant between the government and the voters…. And based on their decision to pass over the only progressive candidate running to head thee party, Keith Ellison, all evidence indicates that the Democrats want to continue relying on corporate donors instead of seeking out working class voters. Those voters who Democrats counted on because they had “nowhere to go” went for Mr. Trump on the belief that he would she things up. He’s done that… but not in the way a lot of his voters believed he would. We’re all paying the price for the neoliberal GOP-lite Democratic Party…. here’s hoping Perez comes to appreciate the progressive wing of his party.

And here are the two subsequent comments I left with links:

I just read this article by Shaun King who explains the failings of the Democratic Party better than I just did: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/king-democratic-party-doesn-unpopular-article-1.2993659

And yet another eloquent article on this topic, this time by Thomas Frank who writes: “The insight here is that liberals don’t need to mimic the Tea Party in order to head off this powerful impulse; they merely need to be what they used to be – what they are supposed to be.” The whole article is great! https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/mar/09/dont-let-establishment-opportunists-ruin-resistance-movement

Like Diane Ravitch, I try to focus on policy as opposed to politics, but given the direction both parties seem to want public education to head and the direction the current administration is heading with regards to all public services I am finding it increasingly difficult to draw a bright line between the two… and while I despaired over the direction Race to the Top took public schools I am even more distressed over the direction Betsy DeVos is headed. Disentangling politics from policy is becoming less possible!

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