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“It’s Crap”: The Trump Administration’s Budget Is a Highway to Privatization

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Despite research that shows that private companies do NOT do work at a lower price than government employees, the Trump administration is proposing widespread privatization in roadbuilding and… or course… in public education. And once a highway is privatized and relies on tolls cooperate, the economic divisions will become clearer: we’ll see Mercedes on the interstates and pick-ups on the side roads…. which is fitting since that’s the way the “new internet” and the “new public education system” will look as well.

Source: “It’s Crap”: The Trump Administration’s Budget Is a Highway to Privatization

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This Just In! Government Workers Are Dedicated and Committed!

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One of today’s NYTimes editorials, “Defenders of the Faith in Government” opens with these paragraphs:

Wilbur Ross, the secretary of commerce and a wealthy private businessman, was asked for his first impressions of government service. “I thought the quality of people in the government was not as high as it has turned out to be,” he said. “There are actually quite a lot of very good, very serious, very intelligent people wanting to do their best.”

He should tell his boss.

And he should also tell all of the GOP leadership at all levels of government! The editorial goes on to enumerate all the Trump department heads who came from the private sector were shocked to find that government workers not only worked… they worked hard… and were dedicated

These captains of industry, who believe that people only work for money, are getting an education about humanity. There are those who are driven by mission and not a bonus at the end of the year. These folks work in state governments and local governments as well as in federal agencies… and the greatest number of these individuals work in social agencies and schools that serve families and children.

And the editors missed on crucial point: At this juncture in our history, neither party expresses an unyielding faith in government. Because politicians in both parties are beholden to donors who believe in carrots and sticks, they both advocate the application of business practices and the profit motive to public servants… merit pay; bonuses; and competition-through-privatization. If either party promoted government as the solution and not the problem, these notions would get no traction at all…. and random NYTimes editorial would not be the sole source of good news about government employees.

Guess Who Suffers Most from President Trump’s Medicaid Cuts in My Neck of the Woods? “Trump Country”

May 27, 2017 Comments off

I read an analysis of how the Medicaid cuts would impact our region in today’s Valley News and was unsurprised to discover that the State Departments of Education’s estimates show that the districts who will suffer the most from the Medicaid cuts proposed by President Trump are the district that voted for him. Maybe when the tax rates go up because of cuts to mandated services to special needs children the voters will be awakened to the fact that the government they voted against DOES provide them with local property tax relief… and if the other political party was astute they could use this as a case study to illustrate that MORE federal funding might REDUCE their property taxes.