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What’s Behind Wisconsin Law Mandating Gun Safety? Pew Survey Has the Answer

June 2, 2017

WSAW television reported on legislation recently introduced by GOP legislators in Wisconsin. Here’s the report in it’s entirety:

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A group of Republican legislators are circulating a bill that would create gun safety classes for high school students.

Under the bill, the state superintendent would have to work with the Department of Natural Resources or police or an organization that specializes in firearms safety or certifies firearm instructors to develop the curriculum for an elective class on gun safety. Schools would not be required to offer the course.

The legislators — Reps. Ken Skowronski, Rob Brooks and Joel Kleefisch along with Sen. Terry Moulton — said in a memo Thursday seeking co-sponsors that the class would help educate students who participate in their schools’ trap and target shooting teams. They say thousands of students participate on such teams statewide and interest is growing.

In a state that underfunds public education and offers vouchers for children to attend non-pulic schools, it seems that there are more urgent problems with schooling than gun safety… but the NRA is concerned about children’s access to funds because children and younger Americans aren’t buying guns the way they used to. Or at least that’s what the best data available shows, as reported by the Pew Center in 2013. This chart shows who was 

As the Pew survey indicates, few women own guns (only 12% as compared to 37% of men) and the age demographic owning the fewest guns is the under thirty group with 16% of adults under age 30 owning a gun, compared with 27% of all adults age 30 and older.  What better way to inculcate the importance of guns than to require that schools offer an elective course on gun safety?





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