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NY Daily News Headline Doesn’t Name the Core of the Problem in NYC… and it ISN’T Segregation

June 13, 2017

A few days ago NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio released a long awaited plan for increasing integration in city schools.  The Mayor’s critics derided his “plan” calling it “…mostly small bore measures like tweaks to high school admissions process” that were “…just tinkering around the edges”. Worse, in their estimate, was the fact that the mayor didn’t “name” the problem as segregation. But no more, as the NYDaily News’ Erin Durkin reported breathlessly in yesterday’s paper:

Mayor de Blasio is finally willing to say there’s a “problem of segregation” in the city’s public schools.

After days of avoiding the terminology, drawing criticism from some experts and activists, de Blasio embraced it in an appearance on NY1 Monday night, and suggested a bigger plan is on the way to address it.

The Mayor’s reluctance to use the term “segregation” isn’t the real problem, though. He put the problem in a much larger context, using the term newspapers like the NY Daily News are reluctant to repeat:

In a radio interview Friday, de Blasio bristled when pushed about why he was avoiding using the word segregation.

“If I start to use certain terminologies, people will start to miss the forest for the trees. I’m not going down that rabbit hole,” de Blasio said then. “We have to get to the core of the problem. The core of the problem is we have to break down racism and other biases in our city.”

Instead of chastising the mayor for his refusal to use the term “segregation”, they might have probed more deeply to see how he intends to deal with the core problem… and they might help him do so by pointing out to its readers that “racism”, unlike, “school segregation”, is a problem everyone in the city needs to deal with.


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