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Here’s an Idea: Guarantee Every Child an Excellent Education

June 26, 2017

Saying every child has a CHANCE for a good education is like saying every parent has a CHANCE to eat nutritious food… or has a CHANCE to make a living wage… or has a CHANCE to live wherever they want to…. What? You mean we already say those things with a straight face and believe if we continue to say them over and over again we can pretend they are true?


Little African Girl At Wooden Fence With Thumbs Up.

Let’s get one thing straight: there are plenty of things wrong with America’s school system. But they almost all stem from one major error.

We don’t guarantee every child an excellent education.

Instead, we strive to guarantee every child THE CHANCE at an excellent education. In other words, we’ll provide a bunch of different options that parents and children can choose from – public schools, charter schools, cyber schools, voucher schools, etc.

Some of these options will be great. Some will be terrible. It’s up to the consumer (i.e. parents and children) to decide which one to bet on.

In many places this results in children bouncing from school-to-school. One school is woefully deficient, they enroll in another one. One school closes suddenly, they start over again at another.

It’s terribly inefficient and does very little good for most children.

But that’s because it’s not designed with them…

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