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Secular Humanism Alive and Well… at least in John Birch Society’s Mind

July 9, 2017

Every morning I get a “Google Alert” consisting of several articles on public education, and invariably I get some from publications I would never read. Yesterday’s “Alert” provided a case in point: an article from The New American written by Steve Byas titled “What is the Alternative as Public Schools Degenerate“. The “essay” is effectively a lengthy advertisement for FreedomProject Academy, an online school which is described in glowing terms in the closing section of the “essay” which is printed in it’s entirety at the end of this paragraph. The rationale for enrolling your child in this on-line program is presented in the earlier section of the essay, whose headings give you a sense of the thinking of Mr Byas. They read: “Secular Humanism: Established Religion of Public Schools”; “Academics Take a Back Seat to Secular Humanism”; “Public Schools are Full of Leftist Propaganda”: “Common Core: Nationalizing Education”; “Can the Public Schools be ‘Saved'”; and finally, “FreedomProject Academy: A Fresh Alternative”.  I invite you to read about this “fresh alternative”:

One option we are particularly familiar with, and highly recommend, is FreedomProject Academy (FPA), which is affiliated with The John Birch Society, the parent organization behind The New American. FPA is a private, online K-12 school that does not accept any government funds. While not affiliated with any Christian denomination, the school has adopted a definite Judeo-Christian worldview.

Courses are delivered online through interactive classrooms to students around the world. The school is fully accredited, and it provides diplomas and transcripts. Founded in 2011, FreedomProject Academy offers a first-rate, classical education that acquaints students with great literature and the wisdom of the ages, including the principles of freedom that guided the Founding Fathers. According to its website, “FPA is happy to provide a fully accredited curriculum recognized for its authenticity and excellence, without any need to compromise our beliefs or high academic standards. FPA remains opposed to implementation of Common Core in public, private, and homeschool curricula, and will not tolerate it in our own classrooms.

The online classes of FPA are in real time, with live teachers and student interaction, not recorded lessons. Students log in at specified times, have opportunities to ask questions, and are also called upon during class.

FPA graduates have enrolled in higher education, have accepted internships, and have entered the workforce. They are prepared to compete academically at an extremely high level, bolstered by an education centered on civics, economics, writing, and math, and fortified by the Judeo-Christian values that are at the heart of the curriculum.

Dr. Duke Pesta, the academic director for FPA, told The New American, “Many kids who take our placement exams end up joining FPA after spending a few years in private schools, where parents become frustrated with the cost of tuition and imposition of Common Core in the classroom.” The placement exams, which are given at no charge, help FPA determine whether a student should be in, say, French I or French II. These tests are also utilized by many homeschooling families to monitor their children’s progress.

Pesta added that FPA partners with private schools, homeschools, co-ops, and churches, delivering “our teachers and curriculum into their local communities,” giving families a quality, yet affordable, education in safe spaces. He noted that “FPA’s reputation as a national leader in online K-12 education has provided a platform for us to offer national leadership in the fight against Common Core standards and the federalization of education. [FPA kids are] economically literate [and] schooled in the Constitution and founding documents. We are creating morally responsible, civic-minded thinkers, and we’re doing it without the help of the federal government.”

The reason that some parents are reluctant to homeschool their own children is that they feel educationally inadequate, especially as their children grow older and need specialized instruction in more advanced subjects. For these parents, FPA might very well be the solution.

And it is a safe bet that FPA will not be making use of history textbooks coming out of the California system of public schools.

As a secular humanist, it is also a safe bet I will not be subscribing to The New American any time soon.


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