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Interesting Reporting on Gallup Poll from Right Side of Aisle

While I try diligently to keep politics out of my blog, it is increasingly difficult to do so given the slant various news outlets show in their reporting on cold facts. The CNS News report on the recent Gallup poll is a classic case in point. The article by Michael W. Chapman published by that conservative news outlet has this headline:

Poll: Only 36% of Americans Confident in U.S. Public Schools

The article does note, however, that this “… is a six-percentage-point increase from 2016 and marks the highest confidence rating in eight years”. The headline was surprising, though, given that the Gallup organization played into a narrative a conservative organization might like!

“The boost in public school confidence this year is part of an uptick in the average confidence rating (35%) across all institutions that Gallup measures,” reported the polling company.  “Public school confidence ranked second in positive year-over-year change among 15 institutions tested in the June survey.”

“Eleven institutions received a confidence boost from 2016, largely attributable to rising confidence among Republicans, which might be ascribed to the election of President Donald Trump,” said Gallup.

It is distressing to think that simply replacing President Obama with President Trump made that much difference among Republicans… but is IS a sign that politics and public education are hopelessly intertwined!

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