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More on Net Neutrality’s Demise

After writing a post on the end of net neutrality based on a NYTimes article I opened and read Emily Wells lengthier and more detailed article in Truthdig. Ms. Wells’ article featured this quote, which is especially germane to the argument that the end of net neutrality will have a disproportionate effect on marginalized and disenfranchised communities:

Carmen Scurato, director of policy and legal affairs for the National Hispanic Media Coalition, released a statement on the unique threat the rollback would pose to people of color:

Repealing Net Neutrality is no small matter, especially for Latinos and people of color who already face substantial barriers in getting online, staying online and having high quality Internet. Despite the obstacles, we strive to tell our stories, build businesses, learn, get jobs, express ourselves, and organize online. Today, the Trump FCC is telling Latinos and other consumers that their voices will only be heard as far as their wallets can carry them, by paving the way for paid prioritization. Shifting responsibility for resolving consumer issues to the Federal Trade Commission, which currently lacks the jurisdiction and resources to effectively handle them, is a sad statement of what the FCC stands for today-corporations over consumers.

The FCC is no different than any government agency in that regard, as the oligarchs impose their will on the consumers by promoting the argument that the competitive marketplace will assure consumers that they will be taken care of.


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