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This Just In: Reformers Like Dan Loeb are Arrogant Know-it-Alls

November 23, 2017

An article by Shane Goldmacher in yesterday’s NYTimes described a series of email exchanges between billionaire charter school advocate Daniel Loeb and Richard Buery, an African-American deputy mayor. In the email chain, Mr. Loeb condescendingly admonished Mr. Buery for his lack of understanding about how charter schools were helping African American children and how Mr. Buery was putting “…(his) bureaucracy, the union puppets you serve, over the interest of little vulnerable black children and their families.” Mr. Buery’s response was priceless:

Mr. Buery, who is African-American and is credited by the de Blasio administration as the architect of its universal prekindergarten initiative, wrote in the same email chain, “Do you really not see the hubris of your lecturing me about the plight of black children and what they need?”

Mr. Goldmacher offers a short, pointed description of Mr. Loeb’s writing style in this paragraph:

Mr. Loeb, a billionaire hedge fund manager, is known in the business community for his aggressive and acidic letters to other companies he is targeting as an activist investor.

And concludes with these paragraphs describing Mr. Buery’s responses:

Despite the tenor of many of Mr. Loeb’s missives, Mr. Buery mostly replied gently.

“Everyone who disagrees with you about something isn’t despicable or a bad person. We’d all get a lot further if we could keep that in mind,” he wrote to Mr. Loeb earlier this year. “Hope you’re having a beautiful day.”

When pundits wonder why we’ve lost our civility in public discourse, they should bear in mind that “government bureaucrats” like Mr. Buery are NOT the problem. It is arrogant billionaires like Mr. Loeb who are only interested in taking over “failed public schools” the same way they invest in corporations who are on shaky financial ground.

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