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Greed-Driven GOP Passes Tax Reform Benefitting Billionaires and Businesses for a Decade… Offers 6 Months of Medical Care for Children

Today’s Valley News included an article by Anna Edney and Natasha Rausch from Bloomberg News titled “Poor Kids Health Care in Limbo”. Three months ago the GOP Congress allowed funding to states for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to lapse. They promised their voters that once they passed more pressing legislation– like the misbegotten tax reform package described in an earlier post– they would take care of the children whose parents could not afford medical care for their children. But now that they’ve passed the huge tax cut for the .1% and corporations the GOP has kicked the CHIP program down the road— until the end of March, 2018. And while the billionaires and businesses are figuring out how to use their new windfalls, parents who make too much to qualify for the Medicaid government program for the poor but don’t make enough to afford private health care insurance are left in limbo…. and that is a hardship, as Ms. Edney and Rausch note in their article:

Even with passage of another patch, the limbo is hard on families.

“It’s a pretty bad Christmas or holiday present for a lot of families,” said Diane Rowland, executive vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a bipartisan nonprofit focused on national health issues. “You can predict that there will be relief that the funding has been extended, but it will be combined with a lot of anxiety.”

As for states that can’t plan ahead, “this is creating an administrative nightmare,” Rowland said.

States have to start preparing for a possible shutdown of the program well before the day comes when they run out of money.

“This whole situation is causing chaos,” said Cathy Caldwell, director of the bureau of Children’s Health Insurance with the Alabama department of public health. “We are causing confusion to families, stress and turmoil.”

The GOP is clearly indifferent to the “administrative nightmare” their short term patches and unclear budget is creating at the state and local level and even more indifferent to the stress they are creating in the lives of those in the lower quintiles who struggle to make ends meet. Their “shareholders”— the billionaire donors and businesses who will profit from lower taxes, though, are pleased.

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