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Business CEO Who Avoid Taxes Castigate Government’s Failure to Fix Social Problems

February 3, 2018

Having served on the Board of a regional health insurance consortium in New York State, I feel like I have a greater understanding of the health care problem than the average voter. And as one who led and consulted with public school districts for 35 years I have a sound understanding of the social issues children face in our world. And as one who believes that democracy can only thrive in a regulated and equitably taxed economy, I am deeply distressed over the direction our country is taking in its efforts to fulfill the mantra that “government is the problem” by starving it of resources. So I find it particularly galling to read an article like David Gelles’ recent NYTimes piece describing businesses as the salvation for health care and, presumably other social ills and infrastructure problems… especially when the article’s opening paragraphs read:

Can private businesses solve public policy problems better than the government? It’s a question that has persisted for decades and taken on new resonance now that a career businessman is in the White House.

There has never been a clear answer. For every sign of success — a smooth privatized toll road or a gleaming charter school — there have been obstacles revealing just how difficult public works can be.

And the final straw came when Mr. Gelles quoted Apple CEO Timothy Cook, he who failed to pay his fair share of corporate taxes, claiming “Government has “become less functional and isn’t working at the speed that it once was”

There was more to the article… but I confess that I stopped reading when I read that quote from Mr. Cook.


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