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More Evidence of GOP and Trump Administration Hypocrisy… As If More Were Needed

February 18, 2018

President Trump’s thoughts and prayers may well be with the grieving families in Florida, but his budget proposal speaks louder than his words. As reported in ThinkProgress, the Trump/DeVos budget proposal cuts school safety funding by 25% and completely eliminates a program that would have provided counseling support for the families and students at the Florida High School where 17 were killed on Valentines Day.

To compound matters, Mr. Trump joined Florida Governor Scott in criticizing the FBI for it’s mishandling of tips it got on the potential for the shooter to engage in the carnage at the high school. As he always does in these circumstances, Mr. Trump focused on the mental health issues… conveniently overlooking the fact that he signed a measure that made it possible for someone with mental health issues— like the shooter— to acquire a high powered gun. I am waiting for someone in the media to ask both Mr. Scott and Mr. Trump what they thought the FBI would have been able to do. Would they have been empowered to seize the shooter’s weapons? Would they have been empowered to place him in a mental health facility? Those who question the FBI’s failure to intervene should be prepared to explain exactly how the FBI might have done so.

As for those politicians who want to “address the mental health issue”, I await a substantive proposal on how this might be done without raising additional funding. If “throwing money at the problem” won’t help, I wonder what will… and building more prisons and encouraging schools to hire more guards or put in more surveillance cameras is “throwing money at the problem” as surely as hiring more counselors is.

And for those who claim “this is not the time to talk about this issue”, someone needs to ask them when the right time is to talk about it… and schedule a meeting on that day. We can’t keep on indefinitely postponing this uncomfortable conversation. The lives of innocent children depends on us resolving this issue.

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