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A Letter to my State Legislators on Gun Control in New Hampshire

February 20, 2018

Herewith is a letter I wrote to our local legislators in New Hampshire, all of whom, I believe, would be on board with any legislation that called for greater gun control in our state. I urge you to write a similar letter unless you are fortunate enough to live in a state like NY or CT where there is some modicum of sanity in their efforts to control who owns guns and where and how they can be used. Here’s my letter:

I submitted a lengthy op ed piece to the Valley News that may or may not get published… but I wanted to share a couple of paragraphs with you since they include some ideas on what the NH legislature might do. Here they are:

In New Hampshire we could start restoring sanity to our gun legislation by passing a law that allows local school boards to enact policies that restrict weapons in schools. As reported in several Valley News articles, our State’s AG Office has ruled that only the legislature, not school districts, can enact firearms bans, except for students and staff. If the legislature is unwilling to enforce the federal laws regarding weapons free schools, they should at least give locally elected school boards the authority to ban weapons. If local control is the hallmark of New Hampshire government, giving local boards this authority makes perfect sense. Secondly, the New Hampshire legislature could repeal the bill Governor Chris Sununu signed into law a year ago that did away with the requirement that gun owners have a permit to carry a concealed handgun and gave local police chiefs the ability to deny such a permit. Finally, the legislature might look to the bills passed in Connecticut following the Sandy Hook shootings there. As a result of their legislation the number of gun deaths dropped in that state, an outcome I hope most legislators would seek.

I am tired of living in a world where my grandchildren have to live in fear when they go to school because we want to make certain anyone can buy any kind of weapon and carry it with them at any time and any place. I’m tired of living in a world where schools are expected to spend millions of dollars on surveillance equipment and armed guards so that any citizen can buy a gun designed to kill humans. I’m tired of living in a world where profiling troubled teenagers and adults on social media is seen as a better solution to shootings than developing any kind of background checks on gun purchasers. And most of all, I’m tired of living a world where the legislators encourage citizens to arm themselves for their own protection. Instead of supporting the “every-person-for-themselves” worldview of the NRA, I hope that in the future our legislators will promote a collaborative worldview: a world where local school boards, selectboards, police forces, and social service agencies are encouraged to team up to help troubled youth and adults connect with their community… a world where hope replaces fear.

I trust you are as appalled as I am that the gun restriction policies in place in our local schools are now “illegal” and also appealed to think that our local police cannot stop anyone from getting or renewing a concealed carry permit. If you introduce bills that remedy either of those issues I would be glad to testify on your behalf in support of its passage. Please take some action to restore sanity to gun ownership in our state. 

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