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A Predictable Response to Carnage in Florida: More Good Guys with Guns; No More Money for Mental Health

The Florida House, faced with a gallery full of students grieving over the loss of their classmates and looking for some kind of sign that the elected officials in the state were prepared to do something substantive about the control of guns, failed to ban the AR-15 used to slaughter the children in Parkland HS and the party-goers in the Orlando nightclub a few months ago. As Diane Ravitch reported in her blog, they used a procedural vote to sidestep a debate on the issue sending a message to the students that the debate on guns was less important than adherence to some arcane legislative process. The Florida Senate, meanwhile, endorsed a proposal to put law enforcement officers in every school in the state. It was unclear whether the mandate included the funds needed for these positions, which would be new in roughly half of the schools in the state…. I think I know the answer, but either way the children lose out. If the state can offer more $$$ for armed guards why can’t they offer more $$$ for counseling services or to underwrite the costs of public schools? And if they DODN’T provide the money, what will the local school districts have to cut to make room for “good guys with guns”?

Meanwhile Betsy DeVos appeared on a conservative talk radio show to support the notion of arming more teachers and the East Brunswick School Board decided to provide more armed guards in their school and Gov. Philip D. Murphy announced that the New Jersey State Police would start regular, but unannounced, officer visits to the 107 schools in districts where it has jurisdiction.

The NRA continues to prevail in the hearts and minds of legislators at all levels… and the children continue to adapt to the police state mentality. It needs to stop.

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