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President Reverses Himself on Several 2nd Amendment Issues… But Holds Fast to Arming Teachers

March 1, 2018

In a conference with legislators from both parties yesterday, the NYTmes reported that President Trump advocated passage of the Minchin-Toomey gun control bill of 2013, a move that delighted Democrats, stunned Republicans, and put the NRA and conservative news outlets into a frenzy. Whether the POTUS holds fast to this new flexible and bi-partisan approach to gun control is an imponderable, but what is clear is that he is not moving away from his thinking about gun-free zones. As Michael Shear reports:

The president did return several times to a proposal that conservatives like: arming teachers in schools and ending the so-called gun-free zones around schools that Mr. Trump said had made those institutions among the most vulnerable targets for mass shooters.

“You’ve got to have defense, too,” the president told the lawmakers. “You can’t just be sitting ducks. And that’s exactly what we’ve allowed people in these buildings and schools to be.”

In case the President and the NRA missed earlier reports, the gunmen who committed the atrocities in public schools did not choose the schools because the children in the school were “sitting ducks” in “vulnerable targets for mass shooters” any more than the murderers in Aurora CO, Las Vegas, NV, the churches in TX, or the workplace shootings selected sites because they were “soft targets”. If the “soft target” logic was applied to every venue we would need metal detectors and “good guys with guns” in every workplace, house of worship, shopping center, movie theater, concert venue, and street festival. We would all be armed with weapons that can shoot multiple rounds and wear armor to make sure we are “soft targets”. And we would ignore the facts that we are no more vulnerable to mass murderers today than we ever were. But here’s another fact about guns from a February 14 VOX article that the NRA and the mass media do not play up:

…why does the US have so many more gun homicides than other developed countries? One possible explanation: Americans are generally much more likely to own guns.

The US makes up about 4.4 percent of the global population but possesses 42 percent of the world’s civilian-owned guns. And the empirical research shows that places with more guns have more homicides.

Criminal justice experts widely recognize that America’s unusually high levels of gun violence are a result of cultural and policy decisions that have made firearms far more available in America than in most of the world. For the US, that means not just more mass shootings, but more gun violence in general.

So… by scaring US citizens into possessing more guns in their homes the NRA and their enablers in Congress and in the media have created a gun culture that results in 32,000 gun deaths a year. The small number of high impact mass killings captures the headlines… but it is the guns available for suicides, guns readily available during domestic disputes and disputes with neighbors, and guns available for toddlers and children to “play with” that cause the problems in our nation.

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