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February 29, 1968: The Kerner Commission

March 2, 2018

Good post… I keep hoping our generation will wake up and see that there is no virtue in selfishness and that some intractable problems can only be solved by all of us working together. But after galvanizing around opposition to the Viet Name war and to a lesser degree around racial justice it seems we’ve galvanized around Reagan’s notion that government is the problem and the notion that the marketplace can solve every social problem.

1968: Nothing Is Revealed

Otto_Kerner_NYWTS_(cropped1) By New York World-Telegram and the Sun staff photographer: Higgins, Roger, photographer. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Three great themes of 1968 were war, youth, and race. In Holland, Michigan, a community as insular as it is bucolic, they had all started to make their way into the community back in 1967, but it was only now in 1968 that the people of the community were beginning to feel concern, to feel that their protections and their ‘way of life’ were disappearing.

The war in Vietnam was not only invading through television. Boys from the community were serving, and some of them were dying. The war was real. The summer of love in San Francisco had taken place far away, brought home primarily through Life magazine, but now sons and daughters of Holland were tricking themselves out in tie-dyes and headbands and were talking about free love and other horrific…

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