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My E-Mail to Governor Sununu

March 10, 2018

Thankfully, my local State legislators are all in favor of rational gun control measures and appalled that their colleagues in the Statehouse are generally lining up behind the NRA in their ideas for legislation. Indeed, earlier this year the GOP led legislature in NH had proposed a bill that would fine school board members who voted for or tried to enforce any policy that banned guns on school campuses or at school events… a law that was crafted by a FL NRA lobbyist.

Earlier this morning, I read a compelling article on how classroom teachers and students are impacted by the current state of affairs regarding gun violence… and article I found so compelling I shared with the our Governor in this email:

We need to something in response to the availability of guns in schools. This article accurately depicts how our current arrangement is affecting the lives of children… and it’s not a pretty picture. “Hardening” schools is NOT the answer… we need to find a way to pre-emptively disarm individuals like the shooter in FL and avoid emphasizing fear-based drills that do nothing to prevent gun violence and instead serve to normalize it. Indeed, President Trump expressed dismay at the fact that his son might be subjected to these kinds of exercises. I hope you will take time to read this eloquent article and come up with some kind of action that will change the mindset of children in school who are currently fearful.

I am not naive enough to think that this might change his mind… but I do think that until legislators and politicians realize the damage they are doing by “hardening” schools and insisting on drills we will get no where. Fear will triumph over hope and our democracy will slip further and further away.



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