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My Letter to US Senators, House Member Opposing Bill That Imposes Vouchers on Local Schools Receiving Federal Impact Aid

This morning’s bundle of Diane Ravitch’s posts from yesterday included one seeking unified opposition to two bills that would impose vouchers on scores of school districts who receive federal impact aid. I elaborated on the boilerplate letter Network for Public Education provided and used their link to write my two Senators and House member. With all of the turmoil in the White House and in the Statehouses across the nation, it becomes too easy for voucher advocates and privatizers to pass bills like these that appear to be innocuous and limited in scope but are actually game-changers. If you are reading this, please take advantage of NPE’s link and write immediately to your Senators and representative. Here’s my letter:

I am writing because I strongly oppose HR 5199 and S. 2517. These voucher bills would siphon off critical Impact Aid public school districts need and direct these funds to an Education Savings Account (ESA) program to allow some students to use a voucher to attend a private school.​​

Having worked in a district with a military base I can assure you that the impact aid is VITAL to the operation of public elementary schools proximate to the base and to the nearby secondary schools children on the military base attend. As should be self-evident from the size of the de facto voucher parents would receive, the impact aid allocation does not fully cover the costs of the public school the children of those assigned to the military base.

This implementation of de facto vouchers would hurt all of the public school students, including the children of military families, who choose public education. It would help only the wealthiest of military families who can already afford the tuition of private schools.

ESAs are without accountability and have been associated with fraud. Make sure that the public schools our military families’ children attend are well funded instead.

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