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One Picture Is Illustrates Oklahoma’s Devastating Cuts to Education

March 22, 2018

This picture from a Facebook post is worth an extended essay… and provides a clear illustration of the stagnation of wages for teachers in Oklahoma. The picture, which I couldn’t upload but is at the beginning of this TV report, showed a teacher’s paycheck from 2008 and one from this year… and this year’s was only $47 higher. The WGN TV station in Chicago reported the Moore OK teacher’s plight:

“I work two jobs after school, and I have a roommate who shares my house expenses,” Lilli Lyon, a Spanish teacher at Moore West Junior High School, told KFOR.

She said she hasn’t received a noticeable raise since she moved to Oklahoma from Indiana 10 years ago.

Lyon compared her net pay from 2009 to now and realized she has barely received any additional compensation in almost nine years. Any raise she has received in the past she said has been taken by the rising insurance costs.

Oklahoma, like Wet Virginia and, indeed, like most states in the union, has weak teacher’s unions and  legislature packed with anti-union politicians. I will not be surprised to see OK teachers banding together like WV teachers did….

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