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Policing Research Shows Police Aren’t Needed… Thoughtfulness Is

April 14, 2018

As noted in earlier posts, I am on a vacation away from the internet and so I am re-publishing some posts on “guns in school” from years past… in part to keep the webpage “alive” in my absence, but, as is true in this case, to illustrate ideas that made sense in 2013 are sensible even now. Posts on this topic will continue through April 20 when the marches marking the anniversary of Columbine are scheduled. 

I wrote this post on January 29, 2013:

John Tierney’s article describing how prison populations shrink when the police force expands applies to schools as well. When I was Superintendent in Upstate NY the Principals at one of the large (1800 student) HSs achieved a dramatic decline in suspensions by monitoring where serious discipline incidents occurred and deploying his non-professional hall monitors and teachers assigned to hall duties in those locales. In MD I had a similar experience with a HS Principal at a smaller school who decided to crack down on small offenses based on the “broken windows” theory. In these cases the thoughtful use of non-professional staff and deployment of hall duties led to fewer suspensions, fewer incidents of major disruptions in the school, thereby freeing the administrators to spend more time in classrooms and in the hallways and less time dealing with suspension hearings.

Maybe instead of instituting “no excuses” schools and spending money on “good guys with guns” those overseeing schools might look at applying the methods used by the police force.

Oh…and since this post was written seven years ago, research is showing that stationing police in schools has some unintended consequences as this ACLU study illustrates.

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