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Profiting From School Safety – Redux

April 15, 2018

As noted in earlier posts, I am on a vacation away from the internet and so I am re-publishing some posts on “guns in school” from years past… in part to keep the webpage “alive” in my absence, but, as is true in this case, to illustrate how easy it is to predict what will happen after a “gun tragedy”. This was written on January 7, 2013… after Sandy Hook. Posts on this topic will continue through April 20 when the marches marking the anniversary of Columbine are scheduled. 

This past weekend during a family visit I was reminded that my wife’s niece works as a consultant in school safety planning. With some dismay she reported that her business looked like it might be picking up as a result of the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT.

I may be cynical, but I think I know how this horrific incident is going to play out in State legislatures.

Some folks will appear before the legislature and seek more funds for mental health. They will get a sympathetic hearing but nothing will happen to increase services in that area. Legislators will explain that budgets are tight, health insurance costs are increasing, pensions for state employees are increasing their budgets. Now is not the time to expand mental health services.

Some folks will band together to urge legislators to increase restrictions on the sale of guns and ammunition. Those groups will get a less sympathetic hearing and may face some strong opposition from those who believe the second amendment is designed to provide a means for citizens to arm themselves against the government. At best, gun control bills will be shunted off to study committees. At worst they will be killed in committee.

Legislators will want to do SOMETHING to show they are being responsive… and will argue that the fact that the Sandy Hook Elementary School HAD a comprehensive plan in place is evidence that ALL schools should have a comprehensive plan to protect students from a deranged gunman. They will allocate, say, $10,000 per school to develop such a plan and require that it be in place before school opens in 2014. They will probably require local police and fire departments to review and endorse the plan. They might also require local school boards to pass some kind of policy on “school safety”. This kind of eyewash will provide them with evidence that they’ve “done something” in response to gunman in schools.

My wife’s niece will be very busy in the coming year. The phone is already starting to ring.

And the phones DID ring off the hook… and they still are

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