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Your Guns or My Kids? A Question Posed in 2015 has been answered….

April 19, 2018

As noted in earlier posts, I am on a vacation away from the internet and so I am re-publishing some posts on “guns in school” from years past… in part to keep the webpage “alive” in my absence, but, as is true in this case, to illustrate ideas that made sense in 2015 are sensible even now. Posts on this topic will continue through April 20 when the marches marking the anniversary of Columbine are scheduled. 

Truthdig writer Pamela Alma Weymouth’s blog post today poses this question:

“Your Guns or My Kids?”

Here was my response to this query:

We’ve decided on this question and we are paying the price. We are willing to trade the liberty of schoolchildren for the liberty of those who wish to acquire weapons designed to kill people. We are willing to spend billions on surveillance cameras, metal detectors, “good guys with guns”, and sophisticated entry systems to classrooms so that “sportsmen” and “collectors” can acquire AK-47s and automatic weapons. And the REAL price isn’t the tax dollars we are spending to protect our children in schools… it’s the fact that our children accept 24/7 surveillance, armed guards, and locked doors as a way of life.

Someone, somewhere should add up the dollars school districts have spent on safety since Columbine and think about how that money could have been used… particularly given the millions of dollars that have been cut from classrooms in those years.

And someone, somewhere should also emphasize how we are effectively inculcating our children to live in a totalitarian world where their every move is monitored on camera, where every email is monitored, where they are cocooned in a world protected by armed guards, and where they are likely to be arrested if they are unsupervised in a public space. This is not the world I grew up in nor is the world I envisioned for my grandchildren.

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