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Driving a Stake Through the Heart of the ESA Vampire is Tough in New Hampshire

May 6, 2018

On Thursday our local newspaper reported on it’s front page that SB 193, the Education Savings Account bill was dead. But as Advancing New Hampshire Public Education’s (ANHPE) blog reported on Friday, the bill has been resuscitated by diehards in the Senate by appending the bill to an unrelated piece of legislation. Here’s the labyrinthine process that is underway as described in ANHPE:

The expectation at this point is that the House Education Committee will recommend that the amended HB 1636 be sent to a committee of conference and that the House will vote on that on May 10.  Here is the amendment adding SB 193 to HB 1636.  (This amendment, “Death Benefit for School Employee Killed in Line of Duty” was also added to HB 1636)

The House could kill the bill then and there but if it agrees to the committee of conference, the Speaker will name the committee members, probably then and there, and the committee will prepare its report.  The version of SB 193 added to HB 1636 is a version that the Senate passed in March, 2017 and that no one considers viable at this point.  The committee of conference will probably replace it with a version much like the one the House voted down this week.

The House would vote on the committee of conference report at the May 23 session.  If it passes, it will go immediately to the Senate.  If it fails, it is dead at that point.  The last day of the current legislative session is scheduled to be May 24.

Based on earlier ANHPE accounts it is evident that not only the Governor but also Catholic leaders want to see this bill passed. The tactic of wearing down the opposition and strong-arming GOP legislators to switch their votes is underway. Here’s hoping the 17 GOP legislators who sided with the Democrats will stay in the opposition column. Otherwise, the future of public education in NH will be in peril.


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