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This Just In: AZ Governor Believes in God AND Evolution! The AZ State Superintendent Only Believes in God…

May 30, 2018

The state of Arizona is currently engaged in a “debate” that one might have believed was resolved decades ago. As reported in the Arizona Capitol Times, In reviewing the state stands for science, Diane Douglas, the State Superintendent of Schools, has modified the word “evolution” with the phrase “theory of evolution”, eliminated “…multiple references to evolution entirely from existing high school science standards, replacing them with terms like “biological diversity” and phrases like “how traits within populations change over time,” and eliminated any references to the Big Bang theory altogether. The article by Howard Fischer goes on to say:

Douglas has admitted she supports the teaching of “intelligent design,” a concept that life forms have developed in such a complex way to essentially require planning by a higher power, presumably a diety.

But she has insisted that her personal beliefs have nothing to do with the changes. And Douglas pointed out that her proposed standards make no specific mention of intelligent design.

The Governor of Arizona, though, has a different perspective. While he believes in God, he also believes in evolution and, like most thoughtful and spiritual individuals, sees that they can readily coexist. The public was invited to weigh in on the changes proposed to the science standards in Arizona, and they weighed in to such an extent that the web page crashed. Prior to the crash, though, public sentiment opposed the direction Ms. Douglas wanted to head.

So what will students in Arizona learn in their science curriculum going forward?

It will… be up to Douglas and her senior staff to decide whether to rescind any of the changes she wants to make or keep them as is when she forwards the plan to the state Board of Education, which will make the final call.

While Ducey has no formal say over the final standards, his views could make a difference. That is because he appoints all but one of the members of the state Board of Education who do have the last word, with the lone exception being Douglas herself.

Stay tuned… the Scopes trial redux might be on the horizon…

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