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Michigan: Do Students Have a Right to Literacy?

July 4, 2018

Why are the politicians silent on this issue? It’s clear that the GOP in MI doesn’t want to provide more funding for cash starved districts… but where are the Democrats on this? One would hope they would want to be on the side of literacy!

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Lawyers will appeal the recent decision that students do not have a right to basic literacy.

Politico writes:

MICHIGAN SCHOOL QUALITY ISSUES CONTINUE TO DOMINATE: Attorneys representing Detroit school children in a high-profile “right to read” lawsuit say they plan to appeal a federal judge’s ruling dismissing the case. The case, Gary B. v. Snyder, is a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of seven Michigan students that argued that a lack of certified teachers, books, school supplies and evidence-based curricula has led to dismal English proficiency rates.

— Judge Stephen J. Murphy III in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division, ruled on Friday that while the schools, as alleged, are “nothing short of devastating,” access to literacy is not a fundamental right.

— Mark Rosenbaum of Public Counsel, which helped represent the students, said in a statement that the court got it “tragically wrong.”…

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