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Deregulation’s Inevitable Conclusion: Test Scores Don’t Matter

July 24, 2018

Diane Ravtich wrote a short post yesterday decrying this “analysis” by the Cato Institute’s Cory DeAngelis decrying the use of test scores to measure the effectiveness of test scores. Here’s Ms. Ravitch’s post in it’s entirety:

For years, for decades, we have been told that the answer to low-scoring public schools was School Choice.

That was until we learned that most charters don’t get higher scores than public schools, and voucher schools actually lead to lower scores.

So school choice advocates now claim that test scores don’t matter, at least not for non-public schools. They are still absolutely essential for public schools, and can be used to stigmatize them and close them down.

But for schools of choice, they just are not all that important. They don’t matter. They only matter for public schools.

Given the libertarian perspective on regulations I am unsurprised at the conclusion that test scores are unimportant. Libertarians don’t believe the government should do anything to interfere with “the market” and that consumers are on their own when they make purchasing decisions. Given their compete faith in “the market”, ANY government regulations are an anathema and any effort to hep consumers make a rational decision are “unfair”. Until faith in government is restored we will continue to witness an erosion of standards.

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