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The Sad Reality: The Narrative the Media Reports on Public Education Will Be Negative

July 26, 2018

Diane Ravitch and many of her commenters lament the fact that few if any major media outlets issue favorable reports on public schools. In a post yesterday, Ms. Ravitch supported fellow blogger Mercedes Schneider’s well researched negative assessment of a Washington Post op ed written by Emily Langhorne, an op ed piece that echoed the wholly false “reform” meme that the privatization of New Orleans public schools resulted in a major success. But world we live in today where faith in the marketplace trumps evidence and the only “facts” that count are those that support the narrative that “public education is failing”, writers like Emily Langhorne who are true believers in the “reform” movement get a large audience and writers like Diane Ravitch and Mercedes Schneider are lumped together as “pro-union” and “anti-innovation” “supporters of the status quo”.

Daine Ravtich concludes her post with this rejoinder to the Washington Post op ed writer:

A note to Emily Langhorne: Be careful not to develop a reputation as a propagandist. The money is good, but think about your reputation.

After reading the post in its entirety and the comments that followed, I offered this comment:

In response to Diane’s last paragraph… I’m not sure that Ms. Langhorne is motivated to stake out her policy positions because she wants to make money. I think she really believes she is staking out a principled position and there are way too many media outlets who are willing to support her “principles”.

And in response to Chiara’s comment (It’s like they all get some group email- “time to promote New Orleans again!” and then (remarkably similar) op ads appear), I think the sad reality is that there are way too many media outlets who support the “progressive ideas” like the New Orleans “miracle” and very few who support truly progressive ideals espoused by John Dewey or the hard work that public school educators do to help students. We are now living in an era where Sinclair broadcasting and billionaires like Jeff Bezos own almost all the major media outlets… a group email is unnecessary in this group-think environment where “government needs to run like a business”.


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