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End of Public Schools in Milwaukee?

July 29, 2018

A throughly researched analysis of Wisconsin’s decision to embrace vouchers using a playbook that has an eerie similarity to the one being used in my home state, New Hampshire. The analysis also underscores the reality that the Democratic Party, now under the thrall of “reformers”, does not oppose the notion that privatization antithetical to democracy. Indeed, the neo-liberals who control the party believe in market-based solutions almost as much as the GOP.


This past school year, Wisconsin taxpayers sent $250,000,000 to religious schools. Catholics received the largest slice, but protestants, evangelicals and Jews got their cuts. Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction (DPI) reveals that private Islamic schools took in $6,350,000. Of the 212 schools collecting voucher money, 197 were religious schools.

The Wisconsin voucher program was expanded before the 2014-2015 school year. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, “Seventy-five percent of eligible students who applied for taxpayer-funded subsidies to attend private and religious schools this fall in the statewide voucher program already attend private schools, ….”

Money taken from the public schools attended by the vast majority of Milwaukee’s students is sent to private religious schools. Public schools must adjust for stranded costs while paying to serve a higher percentage of special education students because private schools won’t take them. Forcing public schools to increase class sizes, reduce offerings such as music…

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