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DeVos’ USDOE Staff Called on their Attempts to Re-Write History

August 3, 2018

In Betsy DeVos’ never ending quest to open the doors to fraudulent for-profit post secondary schools, she is re-writing not only the regulations that govern loan forgiveness but the history of how the loan forgiveness program was developed and implemented. Here’s an excerpt from this morning’s Politico education feed:

DEVOS PLAN ON STUDENT LOAN FRAUD CLAIMS CONTAINS ERRORS, GROUP SAYS: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ proposal to rein in federal loan forgiveness for defrauded students contains inaccurate statements about how the Education Department previously handled fraud claims, according to a consumer advocacy group. Harvard Law School’s Project on Predatory Lending says that emails and documents show that the Trump administration erroneously described how the department processed student fraud claims during the last two decades.

The Trump administration’s proposal, released last week, says it may require that borrowers default on their loans and face a collections action (like wage garnishment) before they’re allowed to apply for debt relief. Limiting the program to only those “defensive” claims, the administration said, would protect taxpayers and return to the department’s original practice that “persisted for 20 years.”

— Trump administration officials said it was the Obama administration in 2015 that upended longstanding department practice by allowing borrowers for the first time to make “affirmative” claims, meaning claims made outside of a collections proceeding. An official who briefed reporters on the proposal last week similarly said that the department only entertained “defensive” claims prior to 2015.

— But that’s not true, according to the Project on Predatory Student Lending. On Thursday, the group submitted a slew of department documents, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, that show how officials processed claims during the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. The documents show that Between 1998 and 2015, the department approved loan discharges of borrowers based on “affirmative” claims, according to the documents made to the department.

— “I’m accustomed to the department taking positions that are intellectually dishonest, but this is just plain dishonest,” Eileen Connor, the project’s director of litigation, told Morning Education. “Can they rewrite a regulation? Yes. Can they rewrite history? No.”

Over the past several days I’ve read many articles on the effect of the President’s lies on policy making and trust in the government. When facts are altered for political purposes it is impossible to divine the truth… and faith replaces evidence. Mr. Trump’s most ardent and close-minded supporters believe what he and his administration say even when it is patently false… and democracy is suffering as a result.

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