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“My Public Education Platform” an Ohio Blogger’s Insightful Ideas are Applicable Across the Country

This is written with Ohio in mind, but with minor tweaks could be adopted in New Hampshire where a pro-choice anti-union and anti-public school Governor has appointed a business-minded pro-voucher Commissioner od Education and came far too close to getting the legislature to adopt ALEC legislation that would have diverted public funds to privatized schools, parochial schools, and home schooling parents.




The two major political parties are drafting their platforms.  Here is my platform, based on the ideas I believe our society has forgotten after fifteen years of test-and-punish accountability.   I believe we have been traveling down the wrong road for such a long time that we have lost our way.

Introduction    A comprehensive system of public education, that serves all children and is democratically governed, publicly funded, universally accessible, and accountable to the public, is central to the common good. Historically it has been the role of the 50 states to establish and implement a fair system of funding and regulating public education; of local school districts to share the responsibility for funding and to administer the schools in their localities; and of the federal government to protect the civil rights of our nation’s children by ensuring that schools serve all groups of children—children of every race, ethnicity…

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